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[personal profile] mecca2016-01-16 11:50 am

Flynn and Eve Icons

Below the cut are 10 Flynn and Eve icons. If using on DW please credit [personal profile] mecca or if you're using it on LiveJournal, please credit [livejournal.com profile] timeofmonth. That's my LJ name over there.

I'm a bit rusty in my icon making skills (its literally been years) so I referred to a lot of templates/tutorials. I apologize in advance for the lack of creativity with some of these.

I went a little text crazy... )
tinny: a stone henge back lighted in green with the words "maths" and "magic" (librarians_henge maths-magic)
[personal profile] tinny2016-01-16 12:05 pm

Librarians Gift Exchange - Reminder

You still have two days to get your wishes in!

Would you like some icons, or a new wallpaper? A fic that yuletide didn't give you?

Here is the wishlist

Wishes so far: comment count unavailable. If you want to help make this exchange a success, do it now!