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Now that yuletide is over (and wow, we got 21 fics!), and the second season has come to a close, we're ready to create some more Librarians fanworks!

Welcome to the

Librarians Gift Exchange!


Gifts can be:
Fic - from drabble to long fic
Graphics - banners, fanart, gifsets, icons, wallpapers

You might want to track this post or watch the community in order to see people's wishes and see the reminders we'll be putting up at regular intervals.


January 7 - January 17 - Wish List is open. Wishes can be claimed at any time.

February 12 - Gifts are due. Post your gifts to the "Gifts" post by this date. If not enough gifts are posted by then, backup volunteers will be contacted.

February 14 - We will be unscreening the comments in the "Gifts" post here at thelibrarians_tv and linking the Gifts comments to the Wish comment.

rules - wishes

Comment to this post with a list of your likes (and dislikes). One comment per person, please. You can wish for more than one type of gift, but you'll probably only get one. It depends on how generous everyone is feeling... ;).

If you are unable to write fic / make graphics you can still receive gifts! You can comment anonymously if you wish.

Please be as specific as possible about what you want. For fic: list characters, pairings, prompts, preferred rating. For graphics: size (icons, tumblr graphic, wallpaper, etc.), characters, pairings, colors, episodes, styles, quotes, themes, etc.

Please use this format for your wish:

rules - claims

Reply to a Wish List comment, so everyone can see that a wish is claimed.
Do this anonymously, so the recipient doesn't know who their gift is going to come from.

If a wish lists more than one thing (e.g. fic and graphics), you only have to fill one of them. In that case, state which one you're going to fill, so maybe someone else who is feeling generous can pick up the other.

If you wish for something, you don't have to give anything back, but check the wish list, maybe you'll find something you feel inspired to do... it would be nice if in the end everyone had at least one gift.

If not enough gifts are posted by February 12, backup volunteers are appreciated. Mention in the backup section of your wish comment if you can do backup. You will be contacted in case more gifts are needed. Those who would like to offer their assistance as a backup should keep in mind that backup gifts will have to be made/written on February 12/13.

Track this post so you get notified when new wishes are added.

Please remember not to reveal who you are making gifts for, and do not share the gifts you've made for that person until after the exchange is over. After February 14, you're free to share your gifts with others if you wish to do so.

If you have a question for the person you are making gifts for, please direct those questions through us ([personal profile] tinny or [personal profile] greyathena) in order to keep your identity a secret.

Icon makers will be asked to make a minimum of five icons for the person they're assigned to, but more are certainly welcomed if you feel generous. Fic should have a minimum length of 1000 words.


Post your finished gifts to the "Gifts" post. Comments are screened until February 14.


If you want to volunteer to post reminders to tumblr, please comment, or just go ahead and use the tag librariansgiftexchange.

have fun

Your gift exchange mods,
[personal profile] tinny and [personal profile] greyathena.

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