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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Library
This community's goal is to forge friendships between Librarians fans.

Focused on the things tumblr doesn't provide:

Links, references, but most of all: discussion!

Ground rules:
No bashing. No character bashing, no ship bashing, no writer bashing. Be nice to each other! So far, this fandom has been a really fun place without hate. Let's keep it that way.

Fic posting rules:
You are of course welcome to post your own fic or rec other people's fic in this community. Feel free to add character and pairing tags as required.

Please don't make more than one post per fic. If you have multi-chapter fic to post, ask people to track updates on ao3 or in your own journal.

Instructions for tumblr users:

1. Get a dreamwidth account - it's free and easy!

Advantages: log in and stay logged in, you get notifications when someone replies to your comment, you can track tags and posts.

You can use this community without a dw account, anonymously or using OpenId, so if you want to skip step one, go ahead and introduce yourself right away:

2. Introduce yourself!

Comment to this post and tell us about yourself. Where do you hang? Give us your tumblr url, or maybe you have an ao3 or ff.net account. Who are your favorite Librarians?

3. Have fun!

Post any and all Librarians-related content. Post your fic, your fanart, your gifs, start discussions, feel at home.


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