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I have recently been working on watching Season 1 in the intended episode order as opposed to the airing order that actually happened, and I've got to say that I feel like everyone's character development flows so much better. Because the plots are so episodic and I was a latecomer to actual investment in this show, I honestly had no idea that the episodes were shown out of order until recently, but I'm so glad I've been able to experience the show in this order.

That said, seeing things flow a bit better in the intended episode order has gotten me thinking...

I was wondering if anyone had a clearer idea of the timeline on the show so far than I have gleaned? I get the impression that the show wants to sync up more or less with real time, but that is as much as I've been able to understand. I realize that if the show decides to fill in any of the gap during the hiatus / season break that any speculation might turn out to be incorrect, but I just thought I might try to start a discussion / note-keeping thread that might assist myself and anyone else in placing events in order and in relative timescale to each other.

In 2.01 The Drowned Book, the opening scene shows this timestamp:

And later, when Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel are talking before the conclusion of the episode, Jake mentions "the three months we were on our own." I wasn't sure whether to take this to mean that they spent a full three months in Peru before going their separate ways or that they had only been on their own three months since the conclusion of Season 1 and that Peru hadn't taken very long. Given that most of their cases seem to take only a day or two at most, I was leaning toward the latter but was unsure based on my earlier thought that it seems like the show wants to stay lined up with something that almost resembles real time? I can't imagine what might have taken three months in Peru, but it doesn't seem completely beyond the realm of possibility.

I would have tacked this onto one of the episode discussions, but I thought that it might qualify as its own separate discussion both of past episodes and of those that air in the future.

Is there any time contextualizing information you have noticed? Or do you have any educated guess headcanons about the time between extant episodes (at the time you're reading this) or during the break between seasons?


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