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For anybody who's into it, nominations of fandoms and characters open today for Yuletide 2015 (and close on October 3 at 9 am UTC).

Here is a great tutorial on how to nominate a fandom and characters:

You can only make a specific request (or offer to write) for certain characters if those characters are nominated, so for instance if you are planning to do Yuletide and you really want to request Cassandra/Ezekiel or something, you should make sure to nominate both the fandom (The Librarians (TV 2014) on AO3) and the characters you want.
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So, if you're an OT3 kind of person (or even if you're not), the LIT-OT3 thing is pretty easy to see. I don't really ship it (other than platonically/team-as-family), but I see it. And it kind of feels like a carryover of the Leverage ship structure, which - avoiding too many spoilers in case anyone wants to start watching it for the first time? - also had that cast of five, two coupling up and a lot of people seeing an OT3 in the others, kind of vibe. It feels like a really similar ensemble structure.

But anyway, mid-writing I'm realizing I kind of have weird OT3 inclinations toward Flynn/Eve/Jacob. I don't actually romantically ship it, I mean I'm not writing threesome fic*, but they're so appealing to me as a trio. Because they're of an age? I mean, is it my Old People OT3?** Or, I feel like there are ways in which they really understand each other; Eve and Jacob and Jacob and Flynn (I think Jacob, aside from the fact that his day job/lifestyle was more physical, has the most in common with Flynn of all the LITs).

I don't know. Does anybody else kind of see this?

*never say never, I guess

**not casting aspersions. I am also old.
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Hey everyone - the Yuletide admins have just posted the schedule for this year. For those who aren't familiar with it, Yuletide is an annual rare-fandom fic exchange where you write a fic for someone and you get a gift fic from (probably a different) someone, which are posted on Christmas Eve.

I'll repost their schedule below, but lots of us should nominate The Librarians as a fandom to be included in the exchange! There are some complicated exceptions, but basically it's something like, a fandom has to have fewer than 1,000 complete fics on Ao3 and ff.net combined. The Librarians definitely qualifies since there are fewer than 600 and most of those are cross-posted on both.

And then (if you want), we should participate in the exchange! You *do* have to offer to write in three different fandoms, and there's no guarantee you will get an assignment for someone who wants a Librarians fic. Similarly, you have to request three different fandoms, and there's no guarantee your gift fic will be a Librarians one. But the more people that offer and request Librarians fic, the more likely it is that *someone* will write one, which means ultimately more new fic for everyone to read even if it isn't your gift. :). You do have to write a fic of at least 1,000 words by the submission deadline.

Anyway that's my PSA; join me in trying to ensure some new Librarians fics as a holiday present for us all!

From Yuletide admin: )


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